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When I was younger, I thought I ate healthy.  And compared to many, I guess I did.  At age 42, I had quadruple coronary bypass.  Shocked by that, I started reading about nutrition and eating healthier.  At 49, I was diagnosed with colon cancer.  More shock, more reading about nutrition and ratcheting up my healthy eating.  Shortly after, my blood sugar started running high from the chemotherapy.  I lost a fair amount of weight between ages 42 and 55.  The problem was I was either losing weight, gaining weight or worrying about gaining weight, all of that time driving the people around me crazy.  We should eat eggs, then no eggs, shrimp good, then shrimp bad, skip breakfast, don't skip breakfast.  All this time reading and reading.  I thought I knew enough facts that I could take a health coaching course and teach others about nutrition facts (so they could drive themselves and their families crazy).  I took a health coaching course that taught me more about nutrition and the body and I recieved a coaching certification.  I knew I needed more and found The Institute for Mind Body Psychology.  There I learned about the why’s instead of just the what’s.  Now after more than 35 years in the healthcare field working on the equipment side, I work on the people side where I hope I can do more good.

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