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Often, when we want to make a change in our lives, we know what we want to change.  We then need to figure out how to accomplish the what. We may try many different how’s.  A lot of how to books are sold each year.  Thousands of books are available on how to lose weight, how to get in shape, how to be healthier, how to have more energy, and so on.


The what and how are important, but what about the why?


You may think you have a why, but is it a deep and thoughtful why?  Without a clear why, a vital piece is missing– like a three-legged stool missing one leg.  The why needs to be something we get to through honest, deep thought. 


A thoughtful, deep why is that it will propel you forward when the going gets tough.  We have all seen inspirational movies where someone overcame great obstacles to accomplish something amazing.  The person overcoming the great obstacles always had a deep and important why


It is not for anybody else to say what your why should or could be.  You can use an image of yourself in the future to visualize your why.  What do you truly want your future to look like?  Use your deep-seated values to help you create this image.


Once you have your why, your what’s can steer toward that image of your why.  Then the how’s will be all the steps that get you to your what and why—your image of you in the future.  The what’s and how’s may evolve and change, but your why remains steady.


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