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How to Have the Body You Love in One Week

What if you really can? What if it were free?

Sit with that reality for a moment—that you can have the body you love today.

If you have been hating your body for a long time, it might take a week, maybe more, but you can love the body you have. You may be thinking “Yeah, sure, fine, old man, I will love my body now, but I would love it more if…”. Think of how you love a child. You don’t say, “I love them, but I would love them more if they would sleep better or communicate better when they get mad.”

I will love my body when… I lose X number of pounds, get in better shape, fit in to X size. If you do get to that specific weight

, size, etc., there is a good chance that the target will get moved or a new requirement will get added. Have you ever in your life been that shape or size? Did you love your body then?

If you are married: If you don’t appreciate your body, how can your spouse? If you don’t love your body, it shows even if it is not verbalized.

If you are single: Do you think you need to be a different shape/size to date or attract a person? Look around. It’s not true. People of all sizes are in relationships. More importantly, do you want to be in a relationship with someone that only would date you because of your size?

It is fine if you want to lose weight or increase your exercise as these can be healthy goals. The question is: How are you going to do loving things for your body, like give it good quality food and movement if you don’t love it? It is a greater challenge to do loving things for someone that you don’t love.

Think of all the things our bodies have done for us—in spite of all the things we have done to our bodies and all the things our world and environment has done to our bodies. They are quite amazing.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. (Lao Tzu)

Take the first step to be kind to yourself and love your body right where it is today. See where that journey goes.


I hope everyone reads this article. It both reinforces and reminds us of the mental aspect taking care of our bodies, but you asking us to view our bodies through love is so powerful! Thank you!


Great article that made me reflect to try to find out when I fell out of love with my body. My early years when I was in love, I would spend great amount of time trying to perfect my body to optimal fitness. My fitness was a direct correlation to success in sports. Once I realized my physical limitations and how far I could go then that was the time I think I fell out of love And refocused from my first love to my new love which was my mind. Now doing all I could to sharpen my new love, I let the body go. Thinking how my new love could take me so much further. Now in m…

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I have been learning how much the mind influences the body and body infuences the mind.


This is a great article! I am going to take it to heart!

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This is a can you practice what you preach thing for me. Why would I think that my family and friends would like me any better if I were thinner? It is craziness to even write down that I need to keep saying that to myself.

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