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Let's Devilify a Few Things


How would we know the correct amount to eat if we didn’t occasionally under and overeat?  We don’t have a full line like a measuring cup.  Undereating is easy.  We recognize it and eat a little more.  When we eat more than is comfortable, we don’t feel great.  We can store that information away and remind ourselves of the proper amounts.  Let’s use that information for learning and not beating ourselves up.  Our ancient selves used to overeat, even binge on the most calorie dense foods we could find to store some energy for lean times.  This part we no longer need to do since we don’t see lean times anymore.



Fat on our bodies has a positive function.  Fat cells on our bodies store energy in times when we eat more than we need at that current moment.  The fat cells take in that energy and give it back when we need it.  If you have more fat on your body than you prefer, think of how you might want to use that stored energy.

Fat in food is a necessary macro nutrient.  It is needed for proper cell growth and brain function.   



Sugar is a concentrated form of calories.  This is good when we need energy.  I am imagining our ancient selves coming across some honey, what it must have tasted like to them and them fighting off bees to eat it and enduring getting stung to do it.   Good, whole, natural fruits and vegetables have sugar. 



One of the reasons carbs get a bad reputation is that many of them can be ultra-processed.  With carbs, the type and quantity make all the difference.  The less processed, the better and with a meal that has other components as well.



We talked about the role of stress more in depth in a previous article. Stress is a good thing when we need it.  It raises our blood sugar and blood pressure for instant energy, lets our blood clot if we get injured and directs blood flow to our limbs for running and/or fighting.  These same things that help us when we need them for very short periods of time hurt us when we have them in our bodies from self-imposed chronic stress for long periods of time.



Have you ever known someone that lost their hunger?  It is sad.  It can happen at the end of life.  Many people, even knowing that eating is what they need, will not eat if they do not feel hunger.  Hunger means you are alive, and your body is functioning properly.  You can regulate your hunger by eating good, whole foods instead of the above-mentioned ultra-processed foods that are engineered to make you hungry for more.


You probably have more I didn’t think of.


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