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Motion is the lotion

My wife and I recently were able to spend a few days with some friends in Galveston.  Our friend told us that he had attended his Aunt Sarah’s 90th birthday.  He asked her how she got to be 90 years old and could still get around so well.  She told him, “Motion is the lotion” to which some of her like-aged friends wholeheartedly agreed. 


Is it necessary to track our heartrate to 80% of our maximum and keep it there for 20 minutes to get any benefits from exercise?  Absolutely not.  It is terrific if that is what you enjoy.  High intensity interval exercise is also beneficial.  However, this post is about low intensity exercise – movement, motion.  There is a lot of growing research on the benefits of low intensity exercise. 


Walking may be one of the best low intensity exercises, but any movement is good – yoga, tai chi, hiking, pickle ball.  You don’t need to think of it as exercise.  Working in the yard, cutting the grass, gardening are great ways to incorporate movement into your life.  Swimming is too, even if it isn’t organized laps.  Play a yard game.      


There are positive side effects of low intensity exercise such as:

·         ease of starting

·         greater likelihood of continuing the activity

·         being able to do them with another person or group of people

·         less strain on joints

·         bringing down blood sugar


How much low intensity exercise do you have to do?  Ten minutes is better than none.  Thirty minutes is a nice round number.  You be you. 


Get some low intensity movement this week.  Leave a comment if there is a low intensity movement others might like to try.  Let me know in the comments section if there is a topic you would like us to talk about.


Happy Thanksgiving

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