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New Year's Resolution

This last fall when my wife was helping me set up my website, we were trying to find a name.  We had gone through several of them, trying to write down as many as we could think of.  She asked me why I take so many pictures of sunrises.  I told her that I like the way they look; they are part of a new beginning.  I like the mornings because they are a new day and Sundays because they are a new week.  I even like a new month.  The new year is a big new start.


Many think that New Year’s resolutions are a waste because they are often broken by mid-February.  There may be some ways to give them a better chance.


Give the planning plenty of time and thought and jot down your ideas if that helps.  The planning and thinking may take a month.  The month of December may or may not work for the development of your resolutions.  If that is the case, use January for planning, but have an action start date so the planning doesn’t run on into February.  There is no rule that you must start on January 1st.


Decide whether it is a short or long-term goal.  Getting up earlier is a short-term goal.  Learning to play the piano is a long-term goal.  Determining the process for these goals will be different. 


For long term goals like learning to play the piano, your resolutions should be broken down into short-term goals that get you on the path.  It may be to find a piano teacher and begin to practice.  This is the same for a goal like getting healthy.  Focus on resolutions like cooking at home during the week and/or adding some type of movement.


For short term goals like getting up earlier, adding movement or practicing piano, focus on the how, when, and where.  “I am going to practice right after supper on the lesson plans from my teacher for 30- to 45 minutes at least 5 times a week”.

Be specific where possible.  Don’t plan on getting up earlier. Be specific.  Plan on getting up at 6am.  Don’t plan on moving more. Plan on researching a yoga class.


Set yourself up for success with support resolutions.  For getting up early, resolve to turning off the television, internet and social media by nine-thirty and read for thirty minutes turning off lights at ten.


Give yourself some grace.  Your resolution didn’t fail because you slept past 6am a day or two or a month or missed a yoga class or six.  Let part of your resolution be to keep trying and working at it.


Happy New Year 


Happy New Year and thank you for the great reminder that there is always time for a new beginning. My goal is to be able to do one pull-up. One. I will let you know the outcome next December!

Replying to

I am pretty sure I could not do one pull-up. I have been doing some thinking about my resolutions for next year. I will need January to firm them up, but I will add getting a pull-up bar (maybe outside somewhere) and adding exercises to be able to do one pull-up to my list. Is there a difference between a pull-up and a chin-up? Thank you.

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